ABS Plastic -Exit/Fire Marshall/Dust Area/Ear Protection Sign Combo (19cm x 19cm)


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Combo Safety Signs - 19cm x 19cm 

Features and Specification:
- ABS Plastic (Indoor Use)
- Dimensions: 19cm x 19cm 

Exit Safety Sign is used to indicate to all that the exit/fire exit/emergency exit door can be located. Fire Marshal  Safety Sign is used to show where the fire Marshal's office can be located in the event of a fire. Dust Mask Area Sign is used to indicate that dust mask must be worn at all times in the area where Dust Mask Area Sign is located. Hearing Protection Safety Sign is used to inform that hearing protection like ear muffs should be worn in the area, this sign is usually used in workshop areas with high noise levels

What's in the box:
4 x UV Printed ABS Plastic Signs

1 x Double-Sided Tape

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